OUR VISION: First in mind, First in choice

Neo Automation is a leading provider of Industrial productivity solutions. The products and service range starts from aluminum alloy compressed air pipeline system, industrial tools and assembly systems, magnetic base drill machine and tapping machine, pipe beveling machine, impact hex bit sockets, nut runners, stud drivers, torque wrench, hydraulic torque wrench.

Founded in 2007 by Mr. Baldev Solanki a mechanical engineer. He has more than 12 years experience of innovating and sustainable productivity. Neo Automation’s vision is to become and remain first in mind and first in choice of its customers.

For us being a leader means that, we should lead in the customers mind and in the share of business. We should be seen as an Innovator who sets the standards and exceeds high expectations.



Neo Automation concentrates on strengthening its position within segments where it is already strong and has core competence. Geographical expansion by operating new customers and adding sub dealers.


We are fully engaged in finding the best solution we can possibly deliver. We are fully committed to our people and we always try to add values to our customer’s business. We also accomplish their targets and goals.


The aftermarket comprises accessories, consumables parts, service, maintenance and training. A strengthen aftermarket offers a continuous income, high growth potential, high profit and continuous business processes. We do it by listening to customers and serve a better sales and aftermarket of their needs.


Neo Automation has the ability to listen and understand the needs of our customers coupled with our capacity to provide new and better solutions based on what we learn from interactive process. This interactive approach requires knowledge, flexibility and involvement of their processes. It means building customers relations and providing services a priority.