We don't just stumble upon innovations here at GESIPA®. They are born when ideas, expertise and experience all come together. It is the creativity of every single one of our employees and our courage to try out new approaches that will enable us to continue to boost the leading position GESIPA® blind rivet technology has on the market as we head into the future. Within the setting tools product group, groundbreaking products, such as battery-powered riveting tools, the TAURUS® series and the recently developed FireBird Pro® blind rivet nut setting tool, put us ahead of the competition.

We listen carefully to our customers, as there is always more we can learn from them. On-site challenges and the requirements of our customers provide us with the motivation to keep innovating to suit specific applications. We do this to ensure our customers and partners are never less than fully satisfied, with long-term customer benefits guaranteed.


Discover the wide range of products GESIPA® has to offer

Blind rivet technology

GESIPA® blind rivets and rivet setting tools for every application.

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Blind rivet nut technology

Blind rivet nuts and processing tools for every application.

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Industry solutions

Customised joining elements and tools to suit your requirements.

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